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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Purple and Gray

It really feels like fall today. The first day where that crisp, cool feeling comes upon our city is one of the best days of the year, in my humble opinion. I was all aflutter about what to wear today, and consulted both my Facebook friends and Pinterest for inspiration. It's not freezing by any means, it is in the 70s, but after MONTHS of 90 degree temps, it feels awesome. I have been sitting by my open window for two hours just soaking it in, because where we live, it has been known to change overnight, and judging by the forecast, we are not out of the high 80s/low 90s woods yet. All of these awesome fall clothes I have bought will have to wait...sigh...

But, I digress. After thinking about my vital, first non-90 degree outfit, I decided to go with the whole shorts and long sleeve combo that I have seen everywhere. I have NEVER been a big shorts wearer. I hate my thick legs, and so I tend to avoid them. But, all of the shorts were so cute this season, and my legs have slimmed down some, and I am starting to try to embrace the shorts thing. I was bummed that my package from F21 hasn't come yet, because there are two pair of shorts in it that I wanted to wear today, but alas, I had to work with what I had. I bought these purple beauties at Target at the beginning of the summer without trying them on, and they were too tight to wear until a few weeks ago. Yay! I decided to pair them with this drapy gray shirt. I love the way this shirt highlights the curves. I am not sure where it is from...I have a friend who wears the same sizes as me, and we do clothes exchanges every now and again. The necklace is ancient and from Gertrude Zachary, and the bracelets are from Burlington (haha, where else?)

Ugh. This picture does not at all do me justice. I think it looks much better in person. Also, the shorts are a tad more purple in person.

Here are the bracelets close up. SO PERDY! That glow is from the open window I spoke of. Ahhhh!

And, a close up of the necklace. My aunt bought this for me for, like, my 21st birthday or something. Seriously ancient. However, Gertrude Zachary is can check them out online at

You can also see the pretty lace collar/back of the shirt. Just a beautiful casual top. If I had to guess, I would say it probably came from Kohl's. I am posting links to similar items, of course.

Top: Unknown, Forever 21 carries a few similar items, like this, or something like this could work...and the Buckle carries a shirt with a similar shape and a sequined back, here
Shorts: Target, May 2012,  these are the identical style, but a different shade of purple.
Bracelets: Burlington, July 2012
Necklace: Gertrude Zachary, ancient, 2004?

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