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Monday, September 17, 2012

Royal Blue and Turquoise...

There is really almost nothing better than online shopping. I feel like the anticipation that is built up while waiting for your things to arrive surpasses the instant rush you get when you buy them in person. Of course, I still love shopping in person...I love it all! Anyway, I ordered a ton of BOGO clothes from F21 a few weeks back (I will post a picture of the pile soon) and then I ordered knee high riding boots from DSW (squeals), and then I found a Chinese knockoff of the bubble big necklaces that are HUGE in the blogging world right now (the originals are J. Crew, I believe) for well under twenty bucks a pop, and finally I ordered a pair of turquoise skinnies from AE, who were having a "Everything Under 30" sale last week. I have been getting everything in a staggered manner, and the last thing to arrive, today, were the necklaces. I had ordered them in turquoise and purple, and now that they're here and as awesome as I imagined, I really want to buy them in a couple more colors as well. The second I got them I knew I had to wear one tonight (we go out to trivia on Mondays), so I decided to wear the turquoise one with my new turquoise skinnies and a royal or cobalt blue blouse. LOVED it.

These shoes are ancient and from Target. 2006? Kinda hard to tell, but they are super high.

I'm thinking I will get apple green and yellow necklaces next. Or, maybe pink. Or, all three :-)

Blouse: Express, 2009-10? This is the style of the blouse I'm wearing style, and I highly recommend the fit, but I also love this one for the color similarity and I think it'd look great with these necklaces.

Jeans: AE Skinnies, buy here for 13 dollars!!!!

Shoes: Old Target

Necklace: Various knockoffs on ebay, I got mine from an auction that ended, but this is basically the same thing.

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