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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ruffles and Pink

I really need help lately. I had my coral and mint shopping spree at the end of July, then had another mini spree last weekend, and then this morning had a Forever 21 online spree. Hey, they were having a Buy One Get One Free sale! It goes on until tomorrow, so check it out if you can! Anyway, there should be a lot of new outfits to post about in the coming weeks. I can't wait to see my new stuff when it comes in. I might also have picked up a pair of brown riding boots on, coughs....

Back to the ruffles and pink. This Forever 21 top is one that I picked up last weekend. It is cute, but not a color that I usually gravitate towards. Too neutral, but I am trying to stray out of my comfort zone and tone it down every once in awhile. I actually love blush pink (it is an accent color at my wedding!), I just don't think I look great in it. Love this shirt, though...and I wanted to take a close up of it so everyone could see the pretty ruffles:

The color is way off in this picture; my outfit pic shows the true color a lot better:

As you can see, I played with pairing this with a blue necklace, but it didn't look right to me. So, I reached for my faux pearls.

Top: Forevcr 21, last weekend. Can't find it online, but it was in stores.

Jeans: American Eagle Jegging, here. Can I just rave about how much I LOVE AE jeggings?

Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory...yeah, I get a LOT of jewelry there....

Oh, and the shoes! These are Rampage, sometime last year, and they are probably the most uncomfortable pumps I own. But, I keep coming back for more abuse...

You too can get abused by going to ebay and buying them. Fashion can be pain, people...but they're so cute....

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